There are all kinds of things that we believe set SMM apart from the crowd — our culture, our process, our passion for creating remarkable and measurable campaigns. But those are just nice words unless you can back them up with the work you've done. We think you'll agree that we can.

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In-House or Outside Advertising Agency?

For at least one generation of business, companies have struggled with the question of whether or not to establish an in-house agency or to contract with an outside agency to perform advertising functions. Let’s take a look at both options, to help provide you with enough information to get you on your ...READ MORE

Healthcare Marketing -
An Emphasis on Digital

Healthcare marketers are faced with finding cost effective ways to develop patient relations, and digital methods are becoming more and more the answer. At first glance it may seem out of place to execute digital strategies to a presumably younger audience, but as research is indicating, more and more patients are online and on mobile devices for vital health ...READ MORE

SMM Advertising wins two PromaxBDA Awards

SMM Advertising has won two PromaxBDA Awards for the Suffolk County Fire, Rescue & Emergency Services (FRES) Campaign: Volunteer to be Amazing. The awards are for Art Direction & Design, PSA Spot: Gold PromaxBDA Award; and Public Service Announcement Spot: Bronze PromaxBDA Award. The TV spot was part of a “heroic” multimedia ...READ MORE